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  • 02
    Creating The Conditions That Make Trading For A Living Possible: A Four Step Process
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    • A Common Delusion FREE PREVIEW
    • Step One: The Magic Pill
    • Some Research
    • Let's Try It
    • A Game Changer
    • Three Aspects To Concentration
    • Simple But Vast...
    • Unlocking The Following Section
  • 03
    Raising Your Probability Of Success
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    • Step Two: A Trading Method That Works
    • My Advice To You
    • The Failures Of Discretionary Trading
    • EOTP-C2: The Right Tool For The Job
    • A Simple Experiment
    • Redefining The Meaning Of An "Edge"
    • The Importance Of Engagement
    • ​The Role Of Luck In Trading
    • A Simple Trading Strategy (For Account A) - Part 1
    • A Simple Trading Strategy (For Account A) - Part 2
    • A Few Words On Drawdowns
    • A Few Words On Expectations
    • Another Simple Trading Strategy (For Account B) - Part 1
    • Another Simple Trading Strategy (For Account B) - Part 2
    • Around The World, Day Trading The SPY
    • Why I Hold Two Accounts and Trade Two Strategies
    • Contradiction?
    • How to be a decisive trader
    • At Odds With Reality
    • The Importance Of Preparation
    • Tracking Your Trades
    • Guarding against Decision Fatigue
    • Consistency - What it means
    • Unlocking The Following Section
  • 04
    Trading For A Living: A Real Business
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    • Step Three: Diversification (Creating Incomes Not Dependent On Market Fluctuation)
    • Back To My Personal Story...
    • Harsh Beginnings...
    • What I Could Have Done Differently
    • Starting A Website
    • Some Things To Think About
    • A Couple Of Options
    • Free Or Paid – Which Is Better?
    • A Common Mistake
    • Creating Great Content
    • Another Factor Besides Content
    • Growing Your List With Integrity
    • How Long Does It Takes To Build A List
    • Creating Reliable Sources Of Income
    • Revenue Through Ads Placement
    • Revenue Through Affiliate Partnerships
    • Revenue Through Product Creation
    • Why You Should Write A Book
    • How To Write A Book, Or Create A Course
    • A Few Words On SEO
    • Pricing Your Product
    • Growing And Sharing On Twitter
    • 4 Deadly Mistakes
    • Unlocking The Following Section
  • 05
    My Results, Some Tips, And A Few Final Thoughts
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    • My Results
    • Step Four: Managing Efficiently Your Money
    • Wanna Work Together?
    • Final Words
    • Review
  • 06
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